Project Completeness 90%

Access Control System For South Oil Company

ALTAMEER has been awarded the project for a Centralized and Web Based Access Control and Time Management System for the South Oil Company (ACS for SOC Project). This system came to meet South Oil Company’s (SOC) future time attendance requirements. ALTAMEER was committed to ensure a smooth design and implementation of the ACS system while providing cost effective solution that fits the operation requirements, provide professional consultation and customization of the system, as well as have an open architecture system that is scalable, modular and upgradeable.

The project went through the following stage:

  • Civil work for the E-gates of individuals & Vehicles
  • Wiring the network & power cables
  • Make all connections between the e-gates and the server room
  • E-gates Installation  
  • software setup

Using in-house engineers to develop the Access Control and Time Management System has been the key for ALTAMEER engineers to be quite familiar and proficient with its architecture ensuring customization can be made with ease. Additionally our local expertise ensured to fill the gap and enhance SOC’s experience throughout the project’s lifecycle.

 Keys of Success:

  • Customize qualified people Specialized in different field such as
  • Commitment to International standards
  • Set efficient  plans
  • On time delivery