Project Completeness 10%

Well head control panel

The Well head Control Panel (WHCP) is a hydraulically operated system that allows for the safe control of a single oil or gas well head’s valves. The WHCP can be operated manually with a hydraulic oil pump or automatically with connection to a portable electrical pump. Al-Tameer is being asked by Ministry of oil to perform this installation, and we are using our expertise to design a complete system that makes sure the well runs safely and effectively. This system needs to be networked so the unit can be controlled on site or remotely, and both manually and automatically.

We have several objectives with this project, including:

  • Local or remote operation through a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Local operation with that can be either manual or automatic, even without an available electrical power supply and/or RTU.
  • The implementation of hydraulic logic signals to ensure completely safe operation.
  • The initiation of local emergency operations in specified conditions.
  • The installation of the following valves on each Wellhead Control Panel: a sub-surface safety valve (SSSV), a sub-surface gas valve (SSGV), a surface safety valve (SSV), a wing valve (WV), and a spare valve (CAV).