Project Completeness 100%

Mill Grain Process

One mill grain was installed without any automatic operations, since it operated for more than 10 years manually, our team is working to arrange the entire operation of the process and alarm system into one software that can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with maximum productivity of 150 metric tons a day. We are working to activate order system to provide different required jobs in the mill for different production rate for each particular phase of Mill, improving Mill system of data collection (including alarm signals and feedback signals) to provide full image of operation situation on one screen to reduce operation risk and minimize the downtime of errors, setting up a system of smart device control, and updating the project software to be compatible with these new functions.

This project will lead to:

  • Save more time for operation in case of need for shutdown or start running the mill, that lead to increase the productivity to maximum rate
  • Save the operation sequence.
  • Reduce the loss of production due to bad operation commands.
  • Save all operation information (faults, production, running time, stops)