ALTAMEER offers a variety of services in different fields , including detailed engineering once a design has been selected (CAD drawings, permits, and estimates), construction (aerial or underground), Cisco and MicroTik Training, Wi-Fi service for any capacity needs, 3G GSM service, 2.4GHz and 5 GHz wireless channel service, PLC, and RTU & SCADA training. For any system that we design, we also provide maintenance, development and online support.

Network Design Service

In addition to satisfying all customer needs, a well-designed network should help maximize profits by placing value where you need it, eliminate unnecessary expenses and minimize operational costs, while providing a high quality service. Proper network design provides you with a plan based on your particular environmental conditions (budgets, geography, aerial or underground) and customer dynamics (single or multi-family units, businesses, building density,And take rates).

As a part of our design, you will receive a planning drawing with cable routes, construction methodology, splitter locations, and a bill of materials required to serve your customers. This plan will provide enough detail to determine if you should invest in detail engineering and plan for construction.

Detailed Engineering service

Once a design has been selected,ALTAMEER can help you with your detailed engineering needs from CAD drawings, required permits, and detailed cost estimates for labor and materials. Our engineers have worked with the designs proposed by ALTAMEER and are experienced in taking our planning tools and converting them into final engineered drawing for Construction to execute.

Construction service

Whether aerial, underground or buried plant is called for,ALTAMEER can handle the job with experienced construction teams that can perform the job efficiently and safely.

ALTAMEER Professional Services will track and report the following:

  • Easily digestible charts detailing project progress
  • Underlying details supporting information provided in charts
  • Specific cable segments/splices completed
  • Identification of roadblocks
  • Strategies to mitigate impacts of roadblocks
  • Identification of issues having negative or positive budgetary impacts
  • Identification of issues having negative or positive impacts on the project schedule

Cisco & MiKroTik Training

We provide information that enables Engineers and Technical to make better decisions regarding network and communication. You can also receive consulting service from us to all consultations that belonging this field.

ALTAMEER provided for each project we implement we provide a resident engineer as assurance and support to our client.

Our –in – house certified trainers provide the following in our HQ

Cisco:CCNA R&S , CCNP R&S , CCNA Security , CCNA VoIP , CCDA , CCDP , Service provider (ISPNG1 and ISPSNG2) , CCNA Data center .


3G GSM Service

ALTAMEER provides clients with third-generation technology by offering a bouquet Tools Projects wider and more advanced network capacity High retina Among these wireless data services and broadband, which is characterized by the entry into force high-speed Internet and the possibility of video calls transfer. 

2.4GHz and 5 GHz wireless channels Service

ALTAMEER’s complete solution ensures that carriers, service providers, governments and enterprises are able to deploy their wireless networks quickly and effectively.


PLC, RTU & SCADA Training

We put in your hand a Professional and certified training regarding PLC, RTU, and SCADA and all the other control system. Our company is committed to provide the customer of all projects with the required training courses for all of a project, engineering, maintenance as well as operation. And any other necessary training courses.


Due to our long experience in control system projects, our team gained excellent troubleshooting skills, that’s why we are offering a maintenance services for all control system projects. Whether for Automation, Process Control, Power Automation or Instrumentation.


A Sustainable development to our system solution is already in progress, we always aim to enhance our solution to be more efficient in performance and cost. We migrate your old system to a new level of performance.

Online support

As a part of multiple services our company provide on line support(24/7) for all our clients as well as others who seek technical knowledge regarding software and hardware of our system