More and more companies are transitioning their networks from copper to fiber optic cable for 100GB speeds, increased data storage capacity and improved density. To assist with network design.

LAN, WAN, MPLS, and more — ALTAMEER makes it simple for your business to get the infrastructure it needs. Whether implementing a new network, upgrading an existing one or simply adding an application, we provide end-to-end service. By designing and implementing networks, we help your business operate more efficiently.

Network Design Services include the following:

Local Area Networks

We provide Local Area Network (LAN) analysis, consulting, design, implementation, diagnostics, management, administration, and training.

Wide Area Networks

We provide Wide Area Network (WAN) analysis, consulting, design, WAN hardware, interconnectivity hardware, voice over IP (VOIP) / Frame Relay / MPLS / DSL, and more.

Structured Cabling Systems

You’ll receive site analysis, cable management design, data and voice cable installations, and vendor-specific cable configurations.

Remote Network Monitoring

ALTAMMER monitors your network from our secure network operations center (NOC). When an error occurs, we will notify you, and our certified technicians will quickly resolve the issue.

Home & Office Network (SOHO)

  • The definition of small office home office, is how the end devices will connect with each other? And what type of media that will be used for connection?
  • Another example how connect these end devices with external network over public network?
  • Answer to all of these question is how to design and build network that fit on our customers.
  • We provide our customer for this solutions by cooperating with giant companies with this size of network like Cisco, MikroTik …. Etc.

Enterprise Network

  • The enterprise network solution is to strengthen your business and IT matters.
  • Access control and security have become the two most important issues in today’s business enterprise network.
  • It has been common that organizations often face different networking challenges which finally affect their data center, branch, and campus.