ALTAMEER is a leading system integrator of Smart Grid "end to end" solutions for electricity, water, and gas utilities; integrating a complete AMI portfolio of innovative products including smart meters, communications infrastructure, demand response and smart home appliances, as well as MDM software, utilizing all available open protocol communication such as RF, GPRS, and Ethernet.  ALTAMEER offers high level applications including: outage management; GIS Scada systems; load management; energy forecasting; dynamic pricing; distribution automation; and real-time losses detection.

ALTAMEER Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) portfolio is an end-to-end solution that comprises of a data management system housed at utilities data centers; smart meters, concentrators, and repeaters; as well as in-home displays. As the integrator of the entire solution, ALTAMEER’s key advantage includes its flexibility and timely response to any specific customer request and controlling all the tampering issues and by-passing problems.