Our Departments


We work with you to understand your unique business requirements and a deliver a solution that perfectly matches your needs. Our custom solutions have ranged from small projects like a basic web content management system to larger projects like an enterprise application with complex workflow management, and everything in between.

We don’t just develop software systems, we also develop people. We offer high impact presentations that can help in a number of different avenues. Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling a client or energizing a team, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure. We offer presentations that can help with:

  • Creating a Positive First Impression
  • Increasing Credibility
  • Presenting Complex Information
  • Communicating with Greater Impact
  • Motivating Others to Action
  • Responding to Pressure Situations
  • Inspiring People to Embrace Change

In addition, the development team offers time management training to help you understand where your company's time is being spent. This training can help your employees to:

  •  Make quick, effective decisions
  •  Manage corporate and technological communication with greater ease
  • Turn an idea into a plan of action
  • Align priorities to match your performance goals
  • Get rid of bottlenecks that slow you down
  • Organize your workspace for improved efficiency
  • Increase listening to uncover and clarify the needs and interests of others

The successful professional absolutely must be an effective negotiator. This requires skilled questioning and information gathering. We will help you and your staff learn to follow set principles to:

  • Gain persuade others and gain their cooperation
  • Practice methods to uncover and appeal to the different interests that are brought to the negotiation table,
  • Generate "all-win outcomes" through planning, preparation, and effective bargaining